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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Weddings In Cleveland
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Spring Mist Farms Carriage Service


Spring Mist Farms also offers a beautifully unique lakeside wedding location. Couples can rent an archway and get married by a lake that’s surrounded by pine trees. The area is perfect for small weddings. “There are some beautiful areas for pictures. It’s a beautiful place for an afternoon wedding,” Goodyear says. It’s not unusual for a bride to take advantage of the horse and carriage services for a lakeside wedding. A bride can arrive at the altar in a horse drawn carriage as a romantic and traditional way to begin her wedding ceremony.

The horse and carriage service isn’t just for use at Spring Mist Farms. Goodyear has traveled all around Ohio and as far as Virginia to escort brides and grooms in romantic fashion on their wedding day. “It’s something different. A lot of people have never ridden in a carriage. Its something you don’t do every day,” Goodyear says. “The bride and groom have a little more time by themselves.” Spring Mist Farms offers several kinds of carriages including an old-fashioned western-style box wagon and a formal vis-à-vis limo, both of which can seat just the bride and groom or up to six people. Customers can customize their carriages by choosing between black and white horses.

Spring Mist Farms customizes all packages to meet the needs of the bride and groom. For instance, a bride and groom can take advantage of the lakeside wedding location and the horse and carriage then have their reception at a different location. Or couples can simply come and have pictures taken on the beautiful grounds. Spring Mist Farms offers a variety of services at affordable prices. “We try to keep the prices down where couples can afford them,” Goodyear says. With a spacious reception area, a lakeside wedding location, horse and carriage services, and beautiful grounds for photos, Spring Mist Farms is a beautiful wedding location that offers many choices for brides.

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