Months of planning have led up to your wedding weekend. At last, the caterer has the final headcount, the flowers are ready to be delivered, the dress fits perfectly, and all that’s left for you to do is say, “I do.”

As hard as it is to believe your big day is finally here, what may be even harder to comprehend is how quickly the weekend will pass. How can you enjoy yourself without missing a single minute of the wedding weekend events?

Hire a professional videographer.

A videographer can capture the magical moments of your wedding from the rehearsal dinner to the bouquet toss, from a parent’s tears to the bride’s smile, and each classic moment in between. Yes, your wedding photographs will be beautiful and dearly cherished items for years to come, but video allows you to see and hear the fun of that day with a simple click of a button.

Remember, though, that the key to a wonderful wedding video is in hiring a professional.  Sure, your family and friends may offer their own services, but do you really want to trust such a special event to an amateur, even an amateur with good intentions? They only have one chance to get it right; otherwise, you’re left with a fuzzy remembrance on tape.

Professional videographers have the skills and the equipment to produce an Academy Award-winning wedding movie. From small microphones worn by the groom to capture clear audio of the vows to multiple cameras, appropriate lighting and camera angles, they know exactly how to capture the magic of your big day. 

Essentially, they are making a movie of the wedding day.  They will tell the ‘story’ from start to finish, and the filming is usually nonstop so they do not miss a moment.  Afterwards, they will professionally edit the footage into an endearing keepsake that you will cherish for generations.

Indeed, part of the movie “magic” is in the special effects a couple may choose.  When editing, videographers may use effects such as slow motion, soft focus, and various dissolves to highlight special moments.  They may even “fix” some of the moments you choose to forget, like when one of your bridesmaids fainted or when your uncle did the chicken dance. Editing is done to improve upon the event itself. 

Professional videographers also know how to film without being obtrusive to the bride and groom or their guests.  Many videographers will visit the ceremony and reception venues, prior to the event, to decide the best angles from which to film, and most are as discreet as possible when behind the camera.

Videography is all about catching the candid moments. Most people are obviously much more candid off-camera than on, and a videographer’s job is to make everyone, from the bride and groom to their guests, feel comfortable with their filming. They are in the background, catching the unfolding events in the foreground.

And wedding videos may include more than just the wedding day itself. They may include photo montages of the bride and groom, individual testimonials given by friends and family, candid shots of the reception, and highlights of the wedding weekend as well as the rehearsal dinner and the pre-ceremony festivities.

Lights, cameras, music, credits – it really is a wedding movie. 

Whatever you decide to include in your wedding video, one thing is certain:  if you truly want to be the star of your own wedding movie, hire a professional videographer.  He or she will create an amazing keepsake which you may share with family, friends, and even your own children and grandchildren for generations to come.

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