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One is simply to leave their names off the invitation. Secondly, you can rely on family to pass the word that children aren’t invited. Or, you can take the direct approach so there is no misunderstanding or hurt feelings.
On the invitation reply card, include wording such as:
• We hope that the (# of) you will be
able to join us. • Adult Reception
Remember, however, that ‘no children’ means no children. Bend the rules for your favorite niece, and you’ll have a lot of hurt guests.
Who Pays for Extra Guests Over the Allotted Number?
Once you have established the number of guests each group (parents and couples)
may invite, any additional guests should be at the expense of the individual initiating the invitation. If the groom’s parents add an extra 50 names to their list, for instance, you should remind them of your budget and ask that they either trim their list or cover the additional costs.
Do Shower Guests Have to Be Invited to the Wedding?
The short answer is yes. Inviting people to a shower, but not to the wedding, implies that you are only interested in a gift.
How to Trim the List?
So you’ve prioritized the list, and made initial cuts - yet it is still too large. You may
be able to trim the list a bit more with these steps:
• Make the reception “adult only.” Cater-
ers charge per person, even little persons. While children won’t consume much, they still add to your bottom line.
• Don’t invite coworkers. Nixing all office invites is a simple way to pull in the reins on your ever-growing guest count.
• Limit the number of friends your par- ents invite. If they are inviting friends of their own, especially ones you barely know, set a limit for both sets of parents and stick to it. Wedding announcements can be sent to those not on the list, in lieu of invitations.
• Invite only close family. That third cousin or your first-grade best friend you haven’t seen in years probably won’t care that they are not invited.
How Do We Stay Organized?
Managing your guest list can be as simple as creating an Excel spreadsheet that tracks names, addresses, RSVPs, gifts and thank-you notes. Several of these tools are available when you become a member at, including tracking of RSVPs, gifts and thank- you notes. §
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