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First things first... Before announcing your engagement, inform your families. Traditionally, the Bride’s parents are told first, then the Groom’s parents. If they have not yet met, a get-together should be arranged by the Groom’s family.
Nine to Twelve Months Prior
• Establish your budget early, with maximum amounts for each event/activity. Consider hiring a wedding consultant to help with your plans. Determine expense responsibilities for specific events.
• Shop for engagement and wedding rings. If you want custom-made rings, plan this early in your schedule.
• Decide on the style, formality and size of your wedding, then set your tentative wedding date.
• Choose your wedding consultant.
• Prepare your tentative guest list and determine the size of your wedding
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• •
• •
Choose your attendants; get a firm commitment to each event. Determine all pertinent sizes for each.
Select your ceremony location and consult with the officiant who will perform the ceremony, then choose a firm wedding date. Begin planning your ceremony, and determine any pre- marital requirements.
Choose a reception location.
Plan rehearsal dates and times with your officiant and location choices. Choose and reserve the location for your rehearsal dinner.
Choose the color scheme and any appropriate style for your ceremony and wedding attire.
• Begin shopping for the bridal gown, headpiece, and attendants’ attire.
• Schedule fittings, alteration fittings and delivery dates.
• Choose your attendant’s dresses and accessories. Schedule fittings and delivery dates, and notify your attendants.
• Start the selection process for your wedding professionals: Contact a photographer/videographer early; some are booked as much as a year in advance.
• Decide your type of entertainment and choose the right professional.
• Choose your caterer if not included with your reception site.

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