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another for your reception. Let the profes-
sionals in this magazine help with creative ideas for your wedding reception.
Lock In Your Date
The most popular reception sites book early – so once the ceremony site and date have been selected, turn your attention to the reception. Your wedding reception will be the most romantic and memorable event you will ever plan. It will also be the most complex. To effectively bring together the many elements that are part of your reception, you need as much time as pos- sible. It is best to schedule appointments to visit potential reception sites nine to twelve months before the wedding. One catering director told us that brides need to be talking with their caterer at least a year before their wedding, especially if it’s scheduled during the busiest wedding months of June, July or October.
Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, but the more time you have to plan, the better prepared you’ll be and the less likely any major disaster will occur. Allow the reception site and caterer the opportunity and the time needed to customize the entire event to fit your indi- vidual taste.
For your reception you may choose the
grandeur of a restored mansion, a country club setting, the charm of a Victorian home, the splendor of a stately hotel, or the sim- plicity of a country setting. You may consider selecting your own caterer and choosing a location specifically for banquets or you may bring your favorite caterer into your home and throw a backyard barbeque.
Many hotels and reception facilities have the flexibility to accommodate from fifty to eight hundred or more guests. In addition, your reception site usually has the space to accommodate several types of wedding-related events including rehearsal dinners and bridal luncheons, as well as offering different choices in location, style and ambiance.
Your theme or style of wedding, along with your budget, will be the two major determining factors in the selection of your reception site. The following are some ideas to help you imagine the many possi- bilities available to you.
A Victorian Wedding
Choose one of the area’s historic sites reminiscent of the nineteenth century, with stained glass windows and a fabulous staircase ideal for tossing your bridal bou- quet. For information on a few of the historic sites found in the Northern Ohio
area, check out the Vintage Venues article on
An Adventurous Spirit
If the size of your guest list permits and you have a desire for a unique setting, you may want to consider something out of the ordinary. Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur who’s always longed to be married in northern California’s wine country – Ohio has its share of wineries too. Or maybe you would like to celebrate your union while cruising the Lake Erie shoreline. There are a lot of alternatives to your typical banquet room reception if you just use a little imagination.
The Intimacy of Inns and Bed & Breakfasts
Small Inns and Bed & Breakfasts are another unique choice for your wedding ceremony and reception. Picture a cozy and charming setting with lovely gardens and beautiful surroundings, while offering the added advantage of accommodations for your guests and a honeymoon suite for the two of you. Check out the bed and breakfasts on page 160 of this magazine, or pick up the book, Bed & Breakfast Getaways from Cleveland by Doris Larson for a thorough description of eighty nearby bed & breakfasts and small inns.

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