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are erected in areas where someone sees a need for a bed and breakfast.
Newlyweds often stay at bed and break- fasts to provide a home away from home until the upcoming honeymoon. Of course, a B&B can often times be a honeymoon retreat in itself. Honeymoon and romantic packages are offered at most bed and breakfasts in the area to entice the newly married. Packages can include a discounted rate, free beverages, a tray of sweets in your room and a romantic breakfast.
Choosing the right inn for you should begin with choosing the right location for you. Do you want to visit museums and go to concerts or do you want to get away from the city for a weekend in the country? There’s at least one bed and breakfast in just about every town, and while price might be a factor in which one to choose, amenities at the bed and break- fast and local activities are of equal impor- tance. Is a private Jacuzzi important to you? Is fine dining a must? These are just a few things you’ll want to consider before making reservations.
A bed and breakfast is more than just a small hotel. With lush gardens, beautiful landscaping and historic beauty, bed and breakfasts can be ideal places to host small weddings. Couples can rent an entire bed and breakfast for a wedding, providing themselves and out of town visitors with convenient lodging.
Whether you’d like to spend your wedding day on beautifully landscaped grounds or simply spend the weekend out of town with your sweetheart, a bed and breakfast or small inn offers the personalized service and attention to detail that will make you want to visit again and again.
Questions to ask when planning a
B&B wedding:
• How many weddings and receptions
have been hosted at the venue? Are there special rules or regulations con- cerning weddings? For instance, many bed and breakfasts don’t allow lit candles, red wine or dancing on their hardwood floors.
• Is the facility wheelchair accessible? Most inns were built before regulations required handicap accessible ramps and restrooms.
• Are children welcome? Some inns have restrictions regarding children.
Questions to ask when planning a
B&B stay:
• Will our room have a private bathroom?
• Do you accept credit cards?
• Is there a restaurant on the premises?
• Do you offer spa services?
• What are your check-in times? What
if I need to check-in at a different time? • Are there any pets on the premises? This question is particularly important if you have any pet allergies. Many bed and breakfasts have pets in residence. §
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