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 consultant’s, to plan and present the most outstanding event you can imagine. Most rental services are equipped to handle both indoor and outdoor wedding events. Today, many couples are choosing outdoor weddings and receptions. A large tent set up with twinkle lights and fabric draped from the ceiling make for a very romantic outdoor ballroom, with plenty of open space beneath that big top. There are many styles of lighting effects these days giving you the ability to set the mood you want where you want. Your rental service will supply and set up the right size tent for your planned event. Just remember to keep them up-to- date on the number of guests and any special handicap services you will need. Make sure they know the number of tables needed, the type of entertainment you’re going to have (orchestra, band, ensemble, DJ, etc.), and the type of decorations. If you decide to have your consultant and rental service coordinate every detail, then your worries will be minimal, as they will have everything under control. Most full-service rental companies will go to great lengths to satisfy you. When you meet with a rental service, go in with an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish... the atmosphere you’re try- ing to create. Then, have them give you a list of all the items you’ll need with the costs of each. Here is a checklist of some items you may need to rent, don’t forget to provide the rental company your guest counts: • White chairs for the ceremony • An arch, trellis or huppah for the ceremony • Individual tent/canopy for the wedding ceremony in case of bad weather • Large tent for the reception • Tables, chairs, and items for reception • Chair covers, linens and tablecloths (turns ordinary space into something fantastic) • Dance floor to accom- modate both musicians with equipment, and a large number of dance participants at any one time • Margarita machines and bar for serving • Lighting (many different moods can be set using the right lighting) • Portable fans or heaters, depending on weather To ease your mind about an outdoor wedding, some professionals will tell you that most weather prob- lems can’t be overlooked, but they can be overcome. You don’t need to worry about the weather because tents are very stable and with the construction of the inner walls, you won’t even know if it’s raining. Any walkways that are needed in any area of your events can be covered by tents to protect your guests. Use your imagination. Whatever you can dream up, they can create; complete with props and lighting. You want a swing- ing posh nightclub with cocktail lighting or a country and western themed event – no problem. From fabric and lights to wagon wheels and bales of hay you can rent just about any detail you would need to accomplish whatever look you’re trying to create. A good rental company will welcome all of your challenges and go out of their way to meet and exceed your every expectation. Along with your caterer, the talented staff of your rental service will prepare one of the most beautiful and inviting receptions you’ve ever seen. Whether your location is in a small fellowship room at your local church or at a large facility in one of the Cleveland area’s finest hotels, you will be pleased and proud of your reception. This will be your first party as newly- weds and it can be as simple or extrava- gant as you want it to be. With complete cooperation and coordination of the rental service, the consultant, the caterer, the baker, the florist, and the decorator, you can look forward to a beautiful and successful wedding celebration. Also, when planning for your wedding events, consider other rental service needs – showers, bachelor parties, family celebrations and rehearsal dinners. Include all of your needs when conferring with a rental service. Ask for a cost for a complete package. Whatever you plan, there’s a professional rental service in the area who can handle it – guaranteed! § LOVE § MARRIAGE § HOME § LIFE § 147  ASHLEY ESCOLA PHOTOGRAPHY 

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