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Company” and has even made an ice news desk for the crew to broadcast from.
While you may still see plenty of swans at weddings today, you have a multitude of choices when it comes to incorporating ice into your event. You might chill seafood on an ornate three-tier ice display, add individual ice sculptures to each table or have an Ice Luge at your bar.
The refractive angles of an ice sculpture capture the light resulting in something your guests won’t soon forget. This ephemeral art created from the “Arctic Diamond” puts on a performance through- out the evening, slowly changing before your eyes.
The most recent trend in ice sculpting is the “Ice Luge” located at the bar and used to pour beverages through. Running the beverages through the luge chills the drink, making this a great way to serve martinis, special mixed drinks and shots that are best served chilled. An ice luge can be sculpted into a variety of shapes and can even be part of an “Ice Bar.” If you include an ice luge at your reception, be sure to request the artist uses a plastic tube and funnel in the ice – this will ensure that the luge will be functional the entire evening.
Another trend is to place an ice sculpture on every table as centerpieces. Roses frozen in ice, ice vases and diamond rings are a few common designs for table cen- terpieces. Be sure to request lit-from-below drip pans since the transparent qualities of
ice are shown off best when illuminated. Some couples are even going as far as serving individual ice sculptures to each guest. Shrimp cocktail for two, sorbet, gazpacho and specialty desserts are a few ways to incorporate individual sculptures into your special day.
When hiring an ice sculptor, go to their studio for a tour. Look in their freezers at the quality of work being made. Ask if they are certified – try to hire a Certified Master Ice Sculptor. NICA (the National Ice Carving Association) certifies carvers at different
levels, from Certified Ice Carver to Certified Master Ice Carver. Scrutinize their photos for variety and quality and make sure that the price quoted includes delivery, set-up, a drip pan and light.
Most ice artists will have a variety of wedding related ice sculptures in their port- folio. Whether you choose a design from a portfolio or you create a unique design to enhance the theme of your wedding, there’s no doubt this short-lived chilly work of art will add an element of drama and elegance to your event. §
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