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In its most general sense, the reception is simply the time after your wedding when you will “receive” your guests. Specifically speaking, it’s where you will eat, drink and make merriment.
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Beyond Venues
& menus
By Jenny Fiore
Which Type Of Reception Will Work Best For You?
Keep in mind that whatever you serve your guests, you can have it served in a number of ways. That’s because caterers and banquet staffs have various connotations of the word reception.
A reception can be with or without a theme; its seating can be con- figured to encourage mingling or to foster intimacy; and it doesn’t nec- essarily have to include a full meal. Some caterers are full-service caterers (able to provide linens, liquor, table skirts, dinnerware and decorations), while others focus entirely on the food. Most hotel and banquet facilities expect you to shop their in-house menus and will provide a limited selection of trimmings. You will have to do a little

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