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If the wedding is at 7 pm, you’ll need to make sure the buffet food is substantial enough so your guests don’t starve. A hearty protein dish like beef or chicken is great. You also have to consider how long it will take to serve the food – one of the big issues with serving party food is the lag time between its preparation and presentation. Ask your caterer for guidance on this one.
Think About People’s Tastes
Fruits and veggies can make a blah buffet beautiful and can satisfy those who are watching what they eat.
How About Brunch?
People don’t expect to have passed hors d’oeuvres at a brunch, so it can make things interesting. You could serve a cinna- mon crostini with cream cheese or sour- dough muffins with sausage and scrambled eggs. Breakfast crepes are also popular brunch fare.
Keep It Interesting
While choosing your menu, make sure there’s plenty variety to keep it interesting – from flavor, texture, appearance, temper- ature and color. Your caterer will be an invaluable resource as the resident expert on this for your wedding. You’ll need at least five different items in the buffet to appeal to everybody.
Hire a Good Caterer
Your caterer will be your best friend by the time you’ve said your “I Do’s,” so make sure you’re comfortable with the one you’ve selected.
Don’t Ignore Your Budget
Unless your wedding budget is the size of Oprah’s bank account, the number of guests at your wedding will play a major role in deciding what to serve. Wedding food can be expensive, so be sure that you have a realistic idea of what you can spend before you begin planning.
When planning a buffet consider the sage advice of veteran event planners and caterers to make sure people can get through the buffet line quickly with no bottlenecks.
Many people think that the more people you have at an event, the harder it is to get through the line. But as long as you’re replen- ishing the buffet, keeping it double-sided
and have plenty of staff available, it’s easy for people to get through.
You may want to consider asking your caterer to put together a basket with a sampling of what was served – as a snack for later, in case you and your groom didn’t get an opportunity to eat much at your reception. §
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