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The cake batter can be any flavor you want, but the cake filling is what actually gives a wedding cake its personality. Filling separates the layers of a cake, adding addi- tional flavor and richness. Filling is usually fruit or cream based and depending on the number of tiers, many brides choose two or three different fillings. Tropical fruit or liqueur infused fillings are two of the hottest trends, with everything from Grand Marnier and kumquat to Kahlua and devil’s food.
Top It Off!
Kissing doves, plastic brides and grooms, and intertwined hearts are passé. Today’s cake toppers have personality and style that mimic the bride and groom. There are a multitude of options to make your cake as unique as you are. Handcrafted sugar or gum paste flowers, a flowing ribbon created from marzipan, or even a shiny, spun-sugar bow create drama atop a stacked confection.
Not your style? Sentimental couples might choose an antique or heirloom cake topper, perhaps one belonging to a parent or grand- parent. It’s a nice family tribute when paired with a cake in a complementary style.
If all these toppers are too status quo for you, consider having a topper created just for the two of you. There are many online sites where you can have a topper custom designed to look like the two of you. Incor- porate your hobbies or interests into the design idea, and they’ll sculpt a one-of-a- kind topper in your likenesses. After the wedding, you’ll have a great keepsake (and conversation piece) for your home.
Decorate With Flowers
Some of the most memorable and beautiful wedding cakes are those decor- ated with the same fresh flowers used to decorate the entire reception room. Your baker and florist will help you with what
flowers are in season and that fit into your budget.
This is a list of the traditional flowers for each month:
January – Carnation February – Primrose March – Violet
April – Daisy
May – Lily of the Valley
June – Rose
July – Larkspur
August – Poppy
September – Morning Glory October – Cosmos November – Chrysanthemum December – Holly
Serving Guide
The size of the wedding cake you will need depends on the number of guests you will have at your reception. With indi- vidual slices being 1” x 2” x a depth of 3”,
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