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use this serving guide to determine which size is best for you:
each table. Every cake can be unique, from the flavor to the fillings to the décor and you can encourage guests to mingle among the tables, sampling all the other cakes. It’s a great icebreaker to get your guests better acquainted, and everyone’s sure to find a flavor or filling they love.
Individual wedding cakes continue to be popular at weddings as well. A tiny wedding cake served for dessert creates quite an impact, and can be easily taken home and enjoyed later. If you or your fiancé don’t particularly care for cake, there are lots of other options for you to explore.
A traditional French croquembouche, an almost tree-shaped confection, is made from balls of pastry filled with cream and then covered in a sugary caramel.
Caribbean black cake is a favorite in the islands, created with fruit that has been soaked in rum before baking.
A late morning reception is perfect for a
warm coffee cake, laced with cinnamon and complete with a crumbly topping. Even cheesecake makes a great wedding cake, served with fresh fruit or a selection of decadent toppings.
You can also forgo the cake traditions all together and serve a luscious dessert or direct guests to a sweet table. Sweet tables are loaded with a variety of sweets, which might include specialty cookies, petit fours, candies, tartlets, and other sweet tooth delicacies. If you’re serving your dinner at stations, a sweet table is the perfect end to your menu.
Now that you know the lingo, it’s time to meet with a cake designer. Gather rec- ommendations, or take a close look at the culinary service section of this Weddings in Cleveland magazine. The right profes- sional will help you choose the best com- bination, making your search for the perfect ending to your reception a cakewalk. §
14” layer
12” layer
10” layer
8” layer
6” layer
70 pieces 50 pieces 35 pieces 22 pieces 10 pieces
98 pieces 72 pieces 50 pieces 32 pieces 18 pieces
You can choose to add individual tiny
cakes with monogrammed initials of the newlyweds, along with matching napkins. All of these ideas will complement the cake and serve as memorable gifts for your guests.
Dare To Be Different!
Instead of having one cake as the show- piece of your reception, consider using cake as the centerpiece on each guest table. Have your baker create confections that serve the precise number of guests at
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