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By Robyn Lyn Steward green
The design and style of your wedding stationery sets the tone for all your wedding events, so be sure to visit your local stationer. They can show you paper styles, font styles, ink colors and more.
photos courtesy of pInk tomato creatIve
Beyond conveying the details of your wedding, your invitation sets the tone for the upcoming event. It conveys to your guests the type of event you are planning, whether glamorous or funky, elegant or casual. Your invitation is your signature, reflecting your taste and per- sonality. And each event has its own personality – whether you plan a large formal winter wedding or an intimate sunset beach wedding,
Selecting an invitation is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the entire wedding process. The right invitation offers guests the promise of that day even before they open the envelope; it provides a glimpse of the celebration to come.
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