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your wedding invitation should be a true reflection of your personal style and identity. Before starting your invitation search, take time to reflect on the essence of the event: the mood, colors, location, style,
imagery and theme (if any).
Here are a few elements of your wedding
to consider:
• Large or small wedding
• Local or destination wedding
• Traditional or contemporary
• Casual or formal wedding
• Holiday or beach themed wedding
After you have a good idea of the type of wedding you are hosting, it will be easier for you to articulate your vision and set the direction for the rest of your wedding correspondence including your thank you notes, programs, menu and place cards.
The four main ingredients of an invitation include: the paper, layout, typeface and ink.
Choosing the style and layout of paper that you use for your invitation is crucial to the design. Traditionally, invitations were printed on a heavy card stock in white or ecru, engraved with black or charcoal ink. Today, couples are steering away from the standard paper and using papers in many different sizes and colors, featuring motifs, monograms and even family crests.
Simply shifting the text from the center of the invite to left justified can allude to the modern spirit of the event. Mixing type- faces, such as a script font with a sans serif font is another great way to add a contem- porary look.
There are four primary printing methods that vary in style, feel and price.
• Engraving – In this traditionally elegant
printing process, text is etched onto a metal plate called a die. The invitation is then pressed into the die, creating a raised image on the front and a corre- sponding indentation on the reverse.
• Letterpress – Becoming exceptionally popular as it conveys a modern, simple style. Type is pressed into the paper, creating sunken letters.
• Thermography – A form of flat printing, thermography simulates the raised look of engraving for less money. It is easily distinguished from engraving by the shininess of the ink.
• Offset – Flat printing is the least expensive and fastest option. This process is great for brides that choose more elaborate invitations, such as, using unusual paper or an unexpected format where type is not the primary focus. Whether you plan to exchange vows
in a hotel, a place of worship, or on a secluded island beach, show your personal style and create a wedding invitation that truly expresses who you are, your values, and your individuality. It is yet another way to express your distinctively unique style as bride and groom. §

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