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For almost as long as there have been weddings, flowers have played an important role in the celebration. In selecting the flowers for your bridal bouquet, you’ll want to consider blooms that best express your personality, complement your wedding gown, and tie-in with the general look and theme you’ve selected for the day.
Tips For Selecting The Perfect Bridal Bouquet
Bouquet basics
Here is a guide to the different styles of bouquets available, and how to get the perfect bridal flowers for your perfect day.
Shapes and Styles
When you see a bouquet that appeals to you, ask yourself what you like about it; is it the shape, size, color, style, or the way the stems are gathered with a beautiful satin ribbon? To help you select the bouquet that will blend seamlessly with the other elements of your wedding, here is a breakdown of traditional bouquet shapes and styles.
Cascade: A cascade bouquet, also called a “shower” bouquet, is very formal and the most traditional bridal bouquet. Like a waterfall, this
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