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Picture this: Instead of a bouquet, the bride carries a tall bamboo staff adorned at the top with a pomander of orange and yellow blooms. Or, imagine bridesmaids carrying purses made entirely of flowers, groomsmen’s boutonnieres adorned with crystals and feathers, and table arrangements of vibrant orange and yellow roses, kumquats and tangerines.
Tosstradition By Elizabeth Steiner
Sound Outrageous?
It Doesn’t to Many Brides
Traditions are being reassessed and rules are being bent. Weddings of today have become more about expressing the personality of the couple and less about following an exact protocol. Brides are looking for new ways to make their wedding unique, and flowers have become a main avenue for this self-expression. In fact, many brides are now opting for non-traditional, fanciful and even outrageous choices for their wedding flora.
Add Some Bling to Your Bouquet
It’s all about accessorizing the bouquet. When tiaras became popular, brides started requesting jewels in their bouquet to provide some extra sparkle as they walk down the aisle. You can add a unique touch to your flowers by including beads, rhinestones or pearls in your bouquets or

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