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 FLOWERS & DECORATIONS arrangements. Florists today can handle
everything from rosaries woven into bouquets and iridescent beads threaded on bear grass to cameos pinned onto the ribbon wrapping a bouquet. As a special memento of your wedding day your bouquet could include a crystal rose, engraved with the date.
For a non-traditional table decoration you could use arrangements made entirely of crystals. Hang crystals of various sizes from tall iron stands to make the table centerpieces appear like chandeliers, for a flirty and fun, yet elegant look.
Fun With Feathers
Feathers are no longer just for Las Vegas showgirls. Feathers can be added to any wedding arrangement or bouquet to give it a distinctive texture and flair. Florists can get many different types of feathers – quail feathers, pheasant feathers, peacock feath- ers – to use in corsages, boutonnieres, arrangements and bouquets. Feathers can also be dyed to match the colors of your wedding palette.
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Not interested in the traditional white wedding? Are you tired of pale pink, lavender and silver? Don’t be afraid of
color. Bold and bright tones have replaced soft and demure pastels. Tangerine, char- treuse, eggplant, royal purple and copper have become the preferred shades for many of today’s brides.
There was a time when someone would have thought you were out of your mind to use these colors in a wedding arrangement, but now they are becoming popular. So much so that it has almost become non- traditional to have an all-white wedding.
You can really make a bold statement by focusing all of your arrangements on one brilliant color. Vary the heights, textures and types of flowers to add variety and dimension. Or, try combining vibrant colors like orange and purple. Even shades of chocolate and brown can be used beautifully to accent cool hues like baby blue.
Fabulous Fruit
An easy and unusual way to add rich, vivid colors to any arrangement is to incor- porate fruits and vegetables. Fruits in arrangements have been around for a long time. From the luscious pink of a grapefruit to the sunny yellow of a lemon, produce comes in many amazing colors that look great when integrated with flowers.
Designers use star fruit, grapes, mangos, miniature pineapples, tequila limes and
various vegetables. Produce can also be used to fill the bottoms of clear vases. Granny Smith apples, tangerines, lemons and even chili peppers will make the bottom half of the vase as colorful and vibrant as the arrangement spilling out of the top.
You could even make your entire arrange- ment out of fruit. Fruit is very popular for fall and winter weddings and florists can even order miniature fruit to incorporate into the arrangement.
Capture the Essence of the Outdoors
Not only are florists and brides turning to the produce aisle, they are also looking to the outdoors for inspiration. You too can gain some truly unique ideas from your backyard, your garden, or the countryside.
Many designers, when working with out- door weddings, will intermingle landscaping plants like lavender, artemisia, geranium, rabbit ears and Queen Anne’s lace with traditional flowers to make the wedding have a garden feel.
Mother Nature has inspired today’s florists. They’ve done arrangements that are made to look like a landscaped garden, with the blooms in rows from the shortest to the tallest. Or arrangements using bear
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