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grass cut to look like fresh grass with uniform roses in the center, made to look like a potted plant.
You can also opt for a natural-feeling bouquet by not removing the leaves of your flowers or adding other leaves. Canna leaves and tea leaves make for a beautiful addition to arrangements.
Perfectly Personal
You can make your wedding very imag- inative by personalizing your flowers. For example you could incorporate into your bouquet the flower that your beau gave you on your first date. Flowers often have specific meanings; find a bloom to match the feelings that you want to convey. Every time you look at your flowers you’ll remem- ber that special meaning.
A bride who was married last December, personalized her bouquet by incorporating blooms from her grandmother’s backyard. Her grandmother lived in Louisiana on a lovely piece of property with lots of ever- greens, magnolias and greenery.
Brides have also incorporated objects that have sentimental value into their bou- quet, or in some cases, instead of a bouquet. One bride carried her childhood Bible inplace of a bouquet. Her florist adorned the Bible with three flowers that
had special meaning to the bride. Or you could personalize a bouquet by weaving a grandmother’s handkerchief into the handle of the bouquet or attaching a small picture.
If you are interested in adding more color and texture to your decorations or like the idea of incorporating fruits into your wedding flora, but don’t know
where to start, ask your florist or decor- ator. That’s their niche – working with colors and textures.
Regardless of whether you opt for tradi- tional blooms or choose something more outrageous, you’ll want to make your wed- ding flora your own. And remember, your only limit is your imagination! §
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