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BRIDAL ATTIRE Strapless portion of the dress characterize this neckline. Spaghetti strap gowns are an outstanding selection for slender brides, but the larger-busted brides may need to consider other, more sup- portive styles. Scoop Amazing on all bridal figures, the scoop neckline is shaped like a “U.” Both modern and modest brides will enjoy this cut, as the scoop neckline can rest conser- vatively above the bust-line or can rest daringly low to allow a hint of cleavage. A caution to the well endowed, too low of a scoop neckline may look as though the bride is spilling out of the dress. Square The square neckline is a variation of the scoop neckline, but with obvious straight-line definition. This style provides Halter Unique and contemporary, the halter neckline displays thicker straps that start at the top of the bodice and meet at the back of the neck. Brides who have spent time at the gym toning their shoulders and arms will discover the halter as the perfect opportunity to show off their hard work. Bateau The bateau neckline (also called the Sabrina) rests high on the collarbone and is straight-lined. Wonderfully elegant for smaller busted brides, this neckline gives the appearance of a larger bust area. Broad-shouldered brides should shy away from this neckline as it draws attention to the shoulders. The name describes this neckline to a “T.” This popular style is generally cut as a straight neckline, although, brides may see a slight variation to this rule as they peruse through the boutiques. As a side note, many times dresses with straps can be converted to strapless with some simple alterations. Strap- less dresses look elegant and beautiful on just about everyone, however small- er busted brides may find themselves having a wardrobe malfunction with this style of neckline. Spaghetti Strap Similar to the strapless neckline, the spaghetti strap design brings a little more safety to brides wanting to let loose on the reception dance floor. The thin straps that secure the bodice bustier brides with the support they are wanting, but is equally flattering for all body types. Those looking for a more classic, conservative look will adore the square neckline. Off-The-Shoulder Scarlet O’Hara come on down! The off-the-shoulder neckline radiates romance and features a bride’s shoulders and collar bone area. This style is a great solution to those brides who do not enjoy the exposure of the strapless, but want a similar feel. The additional coverage brought by the off-shoulder straps pro- vides the needed support for the well endowed. It is suggested that brides with broad shoulders stay away from off- the-shoulder necklines. If you can throw a mean curve ball, consider the scoop or square necklines instead. Sweetheart The sweetheart neckline was made for bustier brides. Resembling the shape of a heart, this style meets in the middle and ends in a point. Brides lacking in the cleavage area may discover better luck with other necklines.  24 § AKRONCANTONWEDDINGS.COM | WEDDINGS IN OHIO 

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