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BRIDAL ATTIRE The final element of a wedding dress to consider is the waistline. This is a very significant detail to consider as a bride selects her wedding dress. Different fea- tures of the waistline, like any dress, can accentuate problem areas that a bride may want to conceal. Aspiring waistline afficionados, continue reading for the vital facts. Basque The Basque waistline is known for its slimming capabilities. This cut begins at the hips and dips below the natural waistline to a point a couple inches below the navel. These features add length to the torso area, slimming the tummy and providing a sleek look. The Basque waistline is ideal for the pear- shape bride. Dropped Resting just below the waistline, the dropped style is commonly paired with A-line and ball gown silhouettes. Most neck- lines look radiant with the dropped waist. The characteristic of this style enhances curves, and is equally flattering for brides with either thick or slender waists. Natural Women with an hourglass figure are definitely attracted to the natural waist- line because it draws attention to their best features. This type of gown falls directly at the waist and is stunning on various bridal figures. Empire The empire cut is determined by the high waistline. This style displays a fitted bust area and a waist that begins at the bottom of the bust line. The dress then extends into a wider, flared hemline. It is ideal for brides with a thick waist area, the empire is quite slimming as the fabric subtly embraces a bride’s curves. Women with wider hips or a larg- er bust may discover the empire waist is the least flattering. It is official! You are now an informed bride ready to tackle the dilemmas and joys of wedding gown shopping. The facts shared in this article are useful, but should not limit your likes or dis- likes. The bride is the ultimate judge when it comes to finding “the dress.” Just because one certain style is not recom- mended for your particular figure, by all means, try this style at the bridal salon just to make sure you agree. After all, sometimes trying the uncomplimentary dresses will enhance the excitement when finding the dress that is perfect for your special day. §  26 § AKRONCANTONWEDDINGS.COM | WEDDINGS IN OHIO 

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