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 You’ve become attached to your name. So why should you change it just because you’re married? The truth is a bride isn’t required to take her husband’s last name after marriage; it’s merely a matter of tradition. When you marry, you can keep your birth name, take your husband’s name or adopt a completely different name. Your husband can even adopt your name, if that’s what you both prefer. The important thing is that you give careful thought to what name feels best for you. There is no law requiring a wife to change her last name to her husband’s. Even after marriage some women keep their last name even if socially they are known as Mrs. ________ (husband’s last name). But if you’d like your name to reflect your new union – whether you’re a bride or groom – there are plenty of ways to do it. Some couples want to be known by a hyphenated combination of their last names, and some make up new names that combine elements of each. For example, Jane Jones and Sam Smith might become Jane and Sam Jones-Smith or even Jane and Sam Jones. Once children come along, a couple may use the last name of the wife as the child’s middle name – or even use the mother’s last name for boys and the father’s last name for girls. If you’re a bride who wants to take your husband’s name, simply start using the name as soon as you are married. Use your new name consistently, and be sure to change your name on all important documents. The first item of business is changing the name on your driver’s license and Social Security card (the Social Security Administration Web site has a form you can download to make the change at Those two forms of identification can then be used to make other changes to important documents, such as: • bank accounts • investment accounts • wills and insurance policies • memberships: health clubs, etc. • at work: medical/ dental, 401k plans • credit cards • doctor and dental records • automobile registration • automobile insurance • utility bills • mortgages • passport • voter registration • property titles Whether your name reflects your own unique identity or the role your partner now plays in your life, there’s no right or wrong way to proceed. The commitment you make simply won’t be affected by your names, and the decision is completely yours. § LOVE § MARRIAGE § HOME § LIFE § 27  NAME CHANGES AFTER MARRIAGE BY LAUREN MULVERHILL What’s in a name KAREN MENYHART PHOTOGRAPHY 

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