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the Perfect
gown and veil
By Holly Meredith
photos by karen menyhart photography
Every bride wants to look like perfection on her wedding day, right? Whether you’re going for Disney princess pageantry or a more low-key style, your bridal gown will be the main determining factor in your appearance on your big day. However, crafting the perfect look doesn’t end with your gown. Your wedding veil can also play a big part in completing your wedding day look.
When it comes to wedding veils, the possibilities are endless. They’re available in all shapes, sizes and styles. So how do you decide which one is perfect for you? Read on, and we’ll attempt to break down the ins and outs of matching your gown and veil.
First Things First
You should always find your wedding gown first, and ideally have it with you when you’re trying on veils. Consider trying on veil styles while wearing your gown if at all possible, to at least get an idea of the length and general style for which you are shopping. Always reference the dress design to make sure it’s being complemented perfectly.
In fact, shopping for your veil at the same time you’re gown-shopping is ideal. To find the perfect veil to go with the perfect dress, you need to complement the details on the dress without overwhelming the gown. This is best done while you’re shopping for that perfect gown.
If you’re not able to have your gown present while you’re veil-shopping, bring along lots of photos of your gown – as many as possible! This will help your stylist assist you in finding something that fits well with your gown’s style.
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