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When you think of a mother of the bride/groom dress, you may think of frumpy, boxy frocks that look more like something that should be draping over the living room windows and
not necessarily gracing the pages of Vogue. But that image is changing. The mother of the bride is no longer hiding behind dark colors and unshapely special occasion dresses.
Wedding Attire For Moms By Kristen Castillo That’s Classic And Timeless
Today’s mother is chic, sophisticated and classic... and she wants that image reflected in her dress. Most mothers want to dress age-appropriately and yet, still wear a youthful, body-flattering look. So, with the trends rapidly changing... finding the right attire requires having to give it some thought and doing some work.
For timeless, classic elegance and beauty, many mothers may select a chic, tailored suit for the ceremony or church service, followed by an evening gown for the reception. In
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