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either case, the Mother’s attire should
complement the bridal party in color and style but should reflect her maturity and personality in style and elegance.
Luckily designers keep these ideals of maturity and elegance in mind when creating fashions for Mother of the Bride or Groom.
Generally speaking, the most popular “Look” is usually what’s slimming. In fact, according to industry experts, fit is the most important factor when choosing a dress.
Like all other wedding details, there’s etiquette to consider. The Mother of the Bride/Groom should not wear a color or style too similar to those being worn by the bridal party. That’s not to say that the Mothers shouldn’t stand out. She can still express her own style with great colors and cut.
When it comes to choosing attire for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom, which woman goes shopping first? Standard etiquette says the Mother
of the Bride shops for her dress first. After the Mother of the Bride selects her gown, she should inform the Mother of the Groom of her dress color and style so that the two do not dress similarly.
So what style fits and flatters most women? An illusion gown that mimics dressy separates. A lot of Moms select a dress that looks like two pieces, generally because most women look good in that style.
Separates and suits are very popular choices because often they can be worn again. They also tend to flatter a mature figure and women like the option to order tops and bottoms in different sizes.
Buying a Mother of the Bride or Groom dress is a lot like buying a wedding gown because the dress often needs to be ordered and alterations need to be done. Special orders can take up to three months. It’s recommended that women order their Mother of the Bride/Groom dress about three to four months before the wedding.
The advance ordering is beneficial because it ensures that Mom gets the dress she wants in the ideal color, size and fit.
One caveat, according to professionals is that mothers often wait to the last minute because they get so caught up in other wedding details.
If size is an issue for a Mother of the Bride/Groom, many stores offer sizes from four to 16 in their Missy department as well as plus sizes. They also usually have an extensive accessories department to coordinate with the chosen ensemble.
When it comes to color, Mothers’ dresses are generally muted. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive. Pastels like light pink are mainstays as are neutrals like light taupe and bone. But Mothers are beginning to opt for bold colors.
Today’s Mom has unlimited options in color and fabrication. She can make a statement in vibrant eggplant, rich steel blue or sparkling gold. Or be simplistically understated in a classic cocoa, navy blue or sage. Lace gowns with matching jackets or crepe gowns delicately brushed in scattered crystals or rhinestones, have become more popular, as well as silk shantung suits and flowing silk charmeuse gowns.
Dark hues and contrasting whites are heavily requested these days. There’s also more black than usual this year. There are a lot more black and white weddings and daughters and sons let their Moms wear black so they can wear the outfit again.
Even if you can wear the gown again, most Mothers don’t want to exceed their budget on a pricey dress. Price is an impor- tant factor, especially if there’s a significant contribution toward the wedding. Many retailers today realize this and offer reason- ably priced gowns.
A mother dreams of the day her “child” marries and she wants to look amazing for the big day. Mom will always remember the excitement of the wedding and the joy of the happy couple.
Whatever she chooses for her Mother of the Bride/Groom attire – a suit, a gown or separates – she will feel and look her best on this special day. §

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