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the skin on your back through exfoliation and massage followed by moisturizing treatment. The result is clear, glowing skin for your celebration. Massages The most popular massage and the one that everyone is most familiar with is the Swedish massage. During a Swedish massage a therapist uses long, sweeping strokes to increase circulation and relax the muscles. Though the technique is not penetrating or muscle specific, you can usually request a light or firm touch to achieve your desired results. If you’re looking for deeper relaxation, try a therapeutic massage. During a therapeutic massage, your therapist will ask you about the goals you hope to achieve from the massage, such as relief from aches and pains, stress relief, or total relaxation. The therapist can then tailor his or her technique to help you achieve the best results. A deep tissue massage concentrates on a specific area of the body that needs extra attention. During this intense pro- cedure, the therapist uses all of his or her strength to remove excess lactic acid out of the muscle and encourage proper circu- lation to the area. This type of massage is perfect for athletes or those who’ve found that regular massage techniques barely scratch the surface. One of the most popular spa offerings is the hot stone massage. Aches and pains are melted away using warm, flat stones that are strategically placed on the body. The therapist then uses the stones in combination with massage oil to work your muscles into a deep state of relax- ation with long, sweeping strokes. You should plan to arrive a few min- utes early for your massage, so that you’ll have time to prepare. Different spas have different preparation recommendations, so you may be asked to take a quick shower or just simply remove your clothing and wrap yourself in a robe that they provide. You’ll most likely be nude during your massage, but don’t be embar- rassed: massage therapists see different sizes and shapes of bodies each and every day. However if you would prefer to leave your panties on, do so. There is no sense being uncomfortable during a massage... it defeats the purpose! Hand and Foot Treatments There’s the typical manicure and pedi- cure, and then there’s the spa manicure and pedicure. Probably the most popular procedure for the bride-to-be, a spa mani- cure and pedicure is similar to the tradi- tional mani and pedi with a few extra perks for perfect nails. At most spas, hands and feet are soaked in an invigorat- ing bath, and then hydrated with a special masque. The hands and feet are then mas- saged before the nails are clipped, shaped, buffed, and painted. Depending on the spa, you may even be treated to a paraffin dip where your hands and feet are dipped into warm paraffin wax to help seal in moisture to keep skin soft and smooth. By now you should be convinced that a trip to the spa will do wonders not only for your body but for your mind as well. A little rest and relaxation will help you rediscover the carefree gal you used to be before guest lists, catering budgets, and gown alterations became your focus. So take a break from the daily wedding planning rou- tine and start preparing your body for that walk down the aisle. You won’t regret it! §  LOVE § MARRIAGE § HOME § LIFE § 37 

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