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the groom
By Breanne George
When a bride puts on her wedding gown for the first time and looks in the mirror, the feeling is indescribable. This is the dress she will wear on one of the happiest days of her life. For the groom, the feeling is much the same when he walks out of the dressing room in a well-fitted tuxedo.
Here Comes
“Ihaven’t had one groom come out of a dressing room in a tuxedo and not feel great about the way he looks,” says Ray Caporale, Vice President of American Commodore Tuxedo. “I love watching a bride see her groom in a tuxedo for the first time. She just lights up. It’s a really special moment between them.”
A Strong Fashion Sense
It is a common misconception that the groom is twiddling his thumbs as the bride plans the entire wedding herself. In reality, many grooms are actively involved in the planning process, especially when it comes to what they will be wearing on the big day. Today’s groom has a keen eye for fashion and a strong sense of personal style.
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