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Many grooms wear a vest in the same color or pattern as the tuxedo. To give a pop of color, the neckwear and pocket square will match the hue of the bridesmaid dresses. “The amount of color in a tuxedo is subdued compared to previous years,” MacDonald says. “Today’s groom wants a more sophisticated style.”
When it comes to trends in men’s footwear, brown-colored leather shoes are the latest trend. Grooms are wearing shades of brown, such as tan, chocolate or chestnut, with a navy or grey tuxedo. Compared to tra- ditional black shoes, a brown-colored shoe tones down the formal look of a tuxedo and creates a more casual appearance.
Trendy Tuxes
Decades ago, the classic black tuxedo was considered the best color of all. Now, tuxedos come in a variety of colors, from white to charcoal and everything in between. This makes the decision-making process even more challenging for the groom.
According to MacDonald, grey tuxedos are a major trend across the country. In fact charcoal and heather grey tuxedos are almost as popular as black tuxedos. This year, navy blue tuxedos are growing in pop- ularity and have become a casual alternative to the black tux.
Trends in men’s formalwear are greatly influenced by what celebrities and sports stars wear at popular award shows like the Grammy Awards and ESPYs.
In addition to the groom’s personal preference, the location and season of the
wedding is key for choosing a tuxedo color. For example, a khaki or platinum grey tuxedo pairs well with a less formal wedding. A charcoal color is a great choice for an ele- gant evening wedding. “Lighter color tuxedos are popular in the summer and fall, while darker hues are popular in the winter and early spring,” MacDonald explains.
The one exception to this rule is the black tuxedo, which is appropriate to wear all-year round. “A bride can look back at her wedding photos five, 10, 20 years later and the groom and groomsmen will look timeless in their black tuxes,” MacDonald says. “The classic black tuxedo will always be in style.”
Keeping It Casual
As the workplace becomes increasingly casual, this trend is carrying over to men’s formalwear. While a majority of grooms wear tuxedos, a growing number are opting for a casual style such as a tan, grey or white suit.
“Instead of jackets and ties, men are wearing jeans and a button-up shirt to the office nowadays,” Caporale says. “Therefore, a suit is more dressed up than what they normally wear in everyday life.”
Wedding themes also play a pivotal role in the formality of men’s wedding fashions. This year, barn and rustic-themed weddings are a huge trend. As a result, more grooms are opting for casual attire to reflect their laid-back wedding.
In rural areas of Ohio, camouflage acces- sories, such as vests and bow ties, have
become popular at weddings. In Caporale’s experience, the groom will wear a white camo print while the groomsmen will wear traditional camo print during the reception and in wedding photography.
To express their personality, grooms should consider changing into a different color jacket during the reception. Other ways to show off their fun side include brightly colored or patterned suspenders, bow ties and socks. For example, a groom in a formal black tuxedo could wear wild patterned socks to show off his personality in a subtle way.
“I notice that grooms are very serious about how they look during the ceremony,” Caporale says. “When it’s time to party, they let loose by wearing fun suspenders and a playful bow tie at the reception. They put their personality in the small details.”
A Special Moment
While the bride should feel like the star of her wedding, it is important to remember the groom plays an equal part in the cere- mony too. Just like a bride wants to find the perfect dress, a groom wants to find the perfect suit or tuxedo that reflects his style and personality.
“Brides want their groom to feel just as special as they will on their wedding day,” Caporale says. “Most men will never wear a tuxedo except at their wedding, so it’s an incredibly special moment for them. For that reason, they want to look and feel their best.” §
All about the fit!
Modern Fit
The most popular style today, modern fit is fashion-forward and contemporary.
• Features a slightly tapered silhouette
• The pants are slimmer through
the thighs
• Soft shoulders
• Fits a wide variety of body types
Slim Fit
Also known as “skinny,” the slim fit suit is edgy and commonly worn by today’s celebrities and pop stars.
• Fits very close to the body
• Features a modern edge and
sleek aesthetic. • Shorter in length
Traditional Fit
A classic style, the traditional fit tuxedo features a softer silhouette and generous cut.
• Roomier in the shoulders, chest
and sleeves
• Pants are less fitted to the body
• A great choice for larger-sized men

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