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difference between simply taking a picture and telling a story,” Aleman says. “A pho- tographer should be able to envision a bride and groom’s love story and tell it through images.”
An amateur may offer a lower price, but they are often unprepared for the myriad challenges of shooting a wedding, such as working in a variety of lighting conditions, capturing special moments in an unobtrusive way, and expecting the unexpected. For example, if an inexperienced photographer does not know how to light or pose you appropriately, that dress you spent thousands of dollars on is not going to look as beautiful in photographs.
You want to feel confident that your wedding photographs will provide an accurate record of your wedding day.
Hiring a professional photographer can make all the difference. “A professional photographer knows how to anticipate dif- ferent challenges of a wedding because they have encountered these situations before,” Aleman explains.
Perhaps the fundamental difference between an amateur and a professional photographer is consistency. “With the technology of digital cameras nowadays, all of us can occasionally take a good photo- graph,” Aleman says. “But for your wedding,
here are moments in your life that only happen once, and your wedding is one of them,” says Theresa Aleman, director of marketing and communication with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).
“Unlike studio photography, you don’t get a do-over if your photographs don’t turn out as you imagined.” That is why it’s important to choose a professional photog- rapher who has the experience, education
and artistry to effectively document your special day.
Choose a Photographer Carefully
With the popularity and accessibility of digital cameras, more and more amateur photographers are advertising their services to brides, despite having little to no experi- ence photographing weddings. “There is a
black box photography

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