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first time, ask yourself the following questions: Is the work professionally displayed on their website and in-person? Is the photographer dressed professionally? Are reviews readily available, such as a bride’s thank-you note? Do they provide you with a referral list without hesitation?
Envisioning Your Love Story
Every photographer has his or her own unique style, whether traditional or avant- garde. Before meeting with a prospective photographer, you should have an idea of how you want your wedding visualized. For example, do you want traditional posing or a photo-journalistic style? “You need to make sure that the photographer’s vision matches your vision,” Aleman says. “You also want to feel an emotional connection with your photographer since you’ll be spending more time with them than anyone else on your wedding day.”
Once you decide upon a photographer, make sure you sign a contract that spells out exactly what the agreements are, the packages and products, and what happens if something goes wrong. A professional photographer will have backup gear if their camera doesn’t work or a backup photogra- pher if they happen to get sick on your wedding day. “Brides tend to focus on the artistic aspects of photography, but the business aspects are important, too,” Aleman says. “You want to be certain that this person is a professional, has referrals, and is reliable.”
Remember to think of your wedding photography in terms of an investment. Your photographs serve as record of your wedding day and will hold even more sig- nificance many years from now. “You’ve dreamed of your wedding day most of your life,” Aleman says. “Make sure you get the photographs you want, and most importantly, don’t settle.” §
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