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ceremony and reception. They’ll be anxiously
awaiting your arrival to the festivities, and it’s in poor taste to keep them waiting longer than 45 minutes. If you absolutely can’t fit all your must-have photos in that time frame, consider having your photos taken before the ceremony or having a separate photo session (in full wedding attire) prior to your wedding day.
Park It
Do a bit of scouting before your wed- ding day and check out a few scenic parks near your ceremony or reception location.
Tree-filled arboretums in the fall, flower- ing botanical gardens in the spring or summer, or rustic nature preserves any time of the year will highlight Mother Nature’s beauty and give a fabulous seasonal look to your photos.
Urban Affair
If you’re a city girl at heart, take to the streets for great photos. Lighthearted snaps of the two of you hailing a cab, peeking around a lamppost, or walking through the streets of downtown Cleveland are great shots for your scrapbook and even better for thank you notes. Keep your eye out for interesting architectural details as you’re cruising; sometimes the best photos are shot in places that seem ordinary.
Culture Shock
Make your photo session a cultural affair by posing for a few memories at an art gallery. The stark interiors surrounded by colorful artwork make for chic, sophis- ticated photos. You can pose next to sculptures, lounge on the front steps, or be your own work of art by having your photo taken on a brightly lit blank wall.
Historic opera houses and theaters are other great locations for photos. If your wedding has become the production of a lifetime (and we’re sure it has!) why not take to the stage for dramatic photo oppor- tunities? You could even do your own balcony scene a la Romeo & Juliet for a playful Shakespearean-inspired photo.
Join the Crowd
Grab some cotton candy and join the crowd for fun photos at a festival or special event. Street fairs, ethnic festivals, amuse- ment parks, carnivals, and parades all make for memorable photos that highlight the local flavor of your wedding locale.
Hop on the merry-go-round, take a ride on the Ferris wheel, or pose with costumed performers for a lighthearted look that mir- rors your personality.
Mug with the animals at your local zoo, and take advantage of the lush fauna and
foliage for photos that look like you’ve stepped into a different world.
Water Works
Water and the beach are beautiful back- drops for photos. Take advantage of marrying near Lake Erie and include a few shots with the two of you reflected in the water or frolicking on the beach. Posing next to a creek or on the bank of a river are other options. But if you’re landlocked, look for water features in other locations for mem- orable photos. Park fountains, art gallery water sculptures, even small farm ponds are great places to embrace Mother Nature for outdoor shots with emphasis.
If you’re eloping or marrying in an area that you’re unfamiliar with, ask your pho- tographer to recommend his or her favorite places for photos. You can also check with the local visitor’s bureau or chamber of commerce for a listing of events during your wedding weekend that might make great destinations for photos. But if you’re still in the dark about where to go for those great one-of-a-kind photos, let your imagi- nation be your guide.
Consider both of your hobbies, your personalities, and your lifestyles and you are sure to find the perfect scenic spots that will create photographic memories to cherish for years to come. §

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