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CEREMONY & RECEPTIONS But, as many couples have learned, creat- ing the guest list can be one of the most complicated aspects of their wedding planning. And even with the best plan- ning, the unexpected is sure to arise. You can minimize surprises, unexpected expenses and hurt feelings with some simple planning techniques. What’s Your Budget? The best way to manage your budget is to manage your guest list. Food and drinks are typically the most expensive costs of a wedding. Prices vary depending on food selection, day of the week, time of day and location. Since catering is charged on a per-person basis, it’s easy to see how the costs of an additional 20 or 30 invitations can quickly impact your budget, parti- cularly since most invitations are for a couple. Decide what you can afford, and how many people you can afford to invite. What’s Your Dream Wedding? Have you always dreamed of a small intimate wedding in a quaint country chapel, or a big bash with all your friends and family? What does your fiancé want? You may decide it is more important to have a more expensive meal for 30 people, rather than a large event on a smaller budget. Once you’ve determined the type of wedding you both envision, you’ll have a better idea of the appropriate guest list size. Start with your wish list of guests, but be ready to cut. What’s the Venue? If your dream wedding is in the small country chapel, inviting several hundred people probably is not realistic. You’ll need to decide what is more important - the location or the number of guests. Keeping the wedding small not only cuts costs; gives you the freedom to consider more non-traditional settings like the small country chapel, a small inn, yacht or elegant restaurant. If your guest list just simply can’t be cut, look for a larger venue rather than trying to pack too many peo- ple into an uncomfortable space. The venue’s event coordinator can pro- vide estimates for wedding and reception seating capacity. Be sure the facility has adequate parking for your guests as well. Who’s Paying? Traditionally, the bride’s parents paid for the wedding and determined the number of guests to be invited. How- ever, many couples today pay part – or all – of their wedding tab and are more likely to determine the guest list.  88 § AKRONCANTONWEDDINGS.COM | WEDDINGS IN OHIO 

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