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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Weddings In Cleveland

Elegant Ice Creations


An ice sculpture adds a touch of elegance and a glimmer of tradition to your reception. If you think your only choice is the traditional kissing swans sculpture, think again. You'll find ice used in a variety of ways according to Aaron Costic of Elegant Ice Creations. And he should know.

If you've lived in the Northeast Ohio area for any length of time you probably recognize his name. Costic's been carving ice in the Cleveland area for the past twenty years. A gold-medal winner for ice carving at the 2006 Winter Olympics, you may have seen him on Fox 8 demonstrating his skill during the news. His company, Elegant Ice Creations is the "Official Fox 8 Ice Sculpting Company" and has even made a news desk for the crew to broadcast from.

While you may still see plenty of ice swans at weddings today, you have a multitude of choices when it comes to incorporating ice into your event. You might chill seafood on an ornate three-tier ice display, add table centerpieces to every table or have an Ice Luge at your bar. Complete bars can even be made from ice.

Whether you choose a traditional design or create a unique design to enhance the theme of your wedding, there's no doubt this short-lived, chilly work of art will add an element of drama to your event.

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